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Spiritual Battlefield Notes

Spiritual Battlefield Notes

Enlisting In The Battle SERIES Enlisting In The Battle

Lesson 7
Jan 3, 2018
Jeff Green

Post Battle Review SERIES Post Battle Review

Lesson 6
Dec 20, 2017
Jeff Green

Mind To Mind Combat SERIES Mind To Mind Combat

Lesson 5
Dec 13, 2017
Jeff Green

Vulnerability Assessment SERIES Vulnerability Assessment

Lesson 4
Dec 6, 2017
Jeff Green

When Tempted SERIES When Tempted

Lesson 3
Nov 15, 2017
Jeff Green

Boots on the Ground 2 SERIES Boots on the Ground 2

Lesson 2
Nov 8, 2017
Jeff Green

Boots on the Ground 1 SERIES Boots on the Ground 1

Lesson 1
Nov 1, 2017
Jeff Green