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Course Information


The curriculum is Bible-centered, using God’s Word along with self-contained and comprehensive course manuals providing the equivalent of a foundational level Bible college/seminary education. These eleven courses are taught by men from the church, and are to be completed in the following order:


  1. Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation

  2. Old Testament Survey

  3. New Testament Survey

  4. 4P, Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry (BTCP) or   

      4L, Communicating Biblical Messages (BTCL)

  5. Bible Doctrine Survey

  6. Personal Spiritual Life

  7. Church Ministry/Administration/Education

  8. Teaching Principles and Methods (a BTCL elective)

  9. Church History Survey (a BTCL elective)

 10. Missions/Evangelism/Discipleship