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Missions Committee


The responsibility of the Missions Committee is to assist the Elders in the day to day operation of NSBC Missions.


The NSBC Missions Committee welcomes and encourages more interest in all aspects of our missions program. Regular meetings are normally held on the third Wednesday of each month. See the schedule to the right or the Meetings Calendar for more information.


It is our desire to have all at NSBC involved in missions in some way. We recognize the Elders and the Missions Committee can not fulfill the churches complete responsibility without the involvement of the whole church, whether it is through prayer, going, correspondence, or giving.


Members: Joe Albert, Alberta Chappell, Darrell Chappell and Zeb Jones (chairman). Associate Member: Julia Jones 


The Missionary Committee conducts business in accordance with the Missionary Bylaws. This document can be found in the NSBC Family/Documents section.